About Us

CRS provide our clients with the opportunity to take advantage of our investment in leading edge technology, whilst complimenting customer service standards and business ethics.


Our strength is the ability to support your business in true partnership style, at all stages during the recovery cycle.

Our primary objective is to provide call centre solutions that are flexible, cost effective and easy to implement.


We are able to achieve this objective by offering:

  • Strategic alliances with key service providers
  • Practical advice
  • Detailed knowledge of industry requirements
  • Experienced Personnel
  • Relationship management & professionalism in dealing with your customers
  • Effective reporting
  • Efficient response times
  • Commitment to ongoing improvement.


Through outsourcing your Accounts Receivable functions to CRS you are able to reduce your operating costs and you can ensure that our specialists’ knowledge and expertise is applied directly where it is needed at all times during CRS’s process. This will result in a greater reduced bad debt ratio and will ensure to bring you much needed revenue, straight through your door! Along with our strong focus on compliance and the quality of our work, this will ensure that any complaints are kept to a minimum.